• I was on FaceBook when I was delighted to see a mango post shared by my friend. On clicking the link it took me to Curious about how Alphonso mangoes could be available in the 1st week of February, I tried to stretch my luck hoping to buy the first crop. Well…I was able to Pre-Book 2 dozens at an affordable price and now I am awaiting my favorite fruit to be delivered around mid-March. Obviously, seems to be a genuine mango-selling site as there is no way the Original Ratnagiri Alphonso Mangoes are available today unless it is artificially treated or a non-organic one.

    - Kiran Hindocha (Business Owner)
  • As the king of fruits arrives the quest for the best and original mango begins. I bet, if we are really lucky we find the original alphonso, which is traditionally grown organically in Ratnagiri. Most of the fruit that is available in the market these days is either from Gujarat or from the outskirts of Ratnagiri, like Devgadh etc. Now that mangoes are also being sold online, I feel my hunt to find the Original Ratnagiri Alphonso Mango ends here. If they can really deliver on their promise I will be the happiest person as I can buy 100% genuine Alphonso, which are not only safe to consume but also easy to procure because they are delivered to your doorsteps. More importantly I get to buy my favorite fruit from a highly organized channel. I wish hafoos.coma great season ahead.

    - Brijesh Sharma (Restaurateur)
  • I am so glad I arrived on while searching for a Carbon Footprint Reduction Program. To my joy I landed on a mango selling website. Moreover their CSR activities and attempt to conserve nature looked so convincing to me that I have decided to invest in their Adopt-A-Tree program which not only fulfills my desire to own a mango tree and enjoy its fruits over the year, but also helps me negate my carbon footprint and help ensure a stable climate for future generations.

    - Bhairav Mankar (Software Engineer)