Shipping & Deliveries

Hafoos endeavors to deliver your order in good quality food-grade packaging within time frames that are acceptable to our customers. With shipments moving out of our farms and partner farms throughout the week, with the exception of Sundays and Public holidays. To ensure that your order reaches you in good condition, in the shortest span of time, we ship through Pune headquartered Palande Courier who are one of Maharashtra’s reputed courier agency with delivery hubs across the state and a special wing for mango deliveries based in Ratnagiri itself.

Palande Courier is a trusted partner as they do not compromise with the quality of services and the safety of the consignments. Using its own fleet of delivery vehicles instead of using alternate and cheaper modes of transport for handling consignments. When compared qualitatively with other companies in Maharashtra they enjoy No.1 position for many years due to reliability, speedy delivery and safety of the consignments that they have been delivering since 1968.

If you are located outside of Maharashtra or there is no courier service available in your area, we will ship your items via your preferred courier service or any other mode of transport specified by you. Additional shipping charges will be applicable as per that particular service provider and mode. Bulk orders shall be shipped through state or local transport services instead of courier service providers, unless and otherwise stated by customers.

Our prices are inclusive of all other charges and taxes applicable in Maharashtra region.

How are delivery charges calculated for single and multiple orders?

Delivery charges are specified on top of product costs chosen by customers and are calculated separately for every order depending on the type of order, time and location of delivery. For single orders, customers simply chose their preferred product and are accordingly intimated about the specific delivery charges for their order. Upon checking out these charges are added atop the product cost and an invoice is generated for the total cost of “product order + delivery”.

For multiple orders placed at one shopping transaction, the program adds up the total of all individual shipping charges atop the cost of products being ordered. Thus, a customer who for example orders X number of products is charged individually for the X number of delivery charges associated with each product type. Upon checking out these charges are added atop the product costs and an invoice is generated for the total cost of “X product orders + X deliveries”.

Our prices are inclusive of all other charges and taxes applicable in Maharashtra region.

How long does it take for an order to arrive at my specified location?

Our core product is a mango, which is a perishable natural product grown on trees. Thus the delivery date depends on the right set of conditions at the farm-end for these mangoes to go through necessary stages of plucking, sorting, cleaning, and QC (Quality Control) measures before being packed for delivery. As this is a carefully monitored set of measures, it can take between three to five working days for deliveries to get dispatched. Upon dispatch the products are delivered between 24 to 48 hours within Maharashtra or as per the delivery date and location specified by the customer at the time of placing the order.

If the customer is located outside of Maharashtra, the product will be delivered between 7-10 working days after being dispatched from our farms at Ratnagiri.

What if the product received is damaged?

For comprehensive details on damaged deliveries, please refer to our REFUNDS AND CANCELLATION page. Within industry standards, as we are working directly with farmers and farm-partners, we try to promise a very high quality assurance. According to this, our shipments are usually delivered with no mango completely spoilt. However in the unforeseen circumstance that you received a shipment where more than 15% (2 in one dozen or 1 in half a dozen) mangoes are completely spoilt, it is a failure of our stringent processes and we shall consider these spoilt quantities for replacements.

If however the damage has been caused due to damage to the packaging or if signs of tampering with the packaging (such as punctured carton, slit tape etc.) are obvious at the time of delivery, you are requested to refuse to accept the package and return the package to the delivery person. Also, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mentioning your Order ID with the photo of the damaged product with packaging in the hands of the delivery person. We will ensure that our support team will get in touch with you to investigate the matter and accordingly arrange replacements for the damaged mangoes or full order in your next order. Please make sure that the original box and other packaging devices (partitions, dry hay, tissue jackets etc.) are intact when you send us the product back.

What if I am not available at the specified location at the requested date?

In the event that you are not able to receive the delivery yourself, you are requested to arrange for someone else to receive the delivery for you. If no one is going to be available to receive the delivery, you are required to notify us by email at least 4 working days before the delivery date, so that alternate arrangements can be made with the courier company to manage delivery to your new location.

If no intimation is provided and customers are not available at the delivery location or do not answer calls made by the courier agent, on the specified date and time, the courier company will have to consider the delivery nullified. In this case the mangoes will be returned to the delivery hub, where they will be held for a period of 24 hours for customers to come and collect it by themselves. Beyond this period, the products cannot be held any further and shall be disposed off.

Are the products held in cold storage during the delivery process?

The natural ripening of organic mangoes takes the nestling of these mangoes in warm environments in order to allow full maturing of its natural taste. The process can get artificially stymied if the products are frozen during the shipment process and so we do not use cold-storage during our delivery process. Unlike traditional retail/dealer business models, operates with the motto of fresh mangoes “from farm to home” and this gives us the opportunity to bring to your door step the most naturally grown, harvested and ripened mangoes.

Only in circumstances where the mangoes have to be shipped internationally, the consignment may be stored in cold-storage. However this is a closely monitored process under expert supervision and is carried out scientifically to ensure the products are cold-stored only after a minimum curing period prior to such storage.

Shipment Policy

In case shipping not applied during ordering, it will be calculated according to the product size. This will be demanded before the delivery from the customer.