Refund and Cancellation

Order cancellation policy:

Orders received from customers trigger a series of measured steps that make it possible to fulfil your requirements. Farmers within our network are notified and the choicest of plucked mangoes that are checked for size and quality are picked to be packed as your order. To ensure we deliver the best service to you, this packing process takes place as swiftly as possible so that the mangoes go straight from the farmers hands into yours. To ensure that the farmers get their dues on time, they are paid for plucked mangoes right after your order and payment is received.

Due to the irreversibility of this process, it is impossible to cancel an order once it is received from your end. Under special circumstances, and this is totally at the discretion of the farmers, orders can be postponed if prior written notification is received from the customer’s end. However in most cases, orders once received shall be processed for plucking and packing without the possibility of any cancellation.

Return policy:

The delicate and perishable nature of mangoes makes the transport of our produce an immensely challenging task. While we are working with the industry’s best supply chain providers, we are bound by the natural shelf-life of our mangoes. Mangoes cannot be naturally stored for long durations of time, and so we ensure that we comply with all controllable factors while processing your orders. Thus as a policy any orders once delivered cannot be returned, except for when completely rotten mangoes are delivered or delivery dates that were requested have surpassed beyond 24 hours of the requested date and time.

In the unlikely and rare case that any such untoward circumstance arises, please refer to the ‘refund and replacement policy’ for further clarifications.

Refund and replacement policy: