Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

At we take our CSR very seriously. Driven by the social cause to revitalize agriculture and empower farmers in the Kokan region, we, a few of 5th and 6th generation farmers have returned to Ratnagiri to rid the trader mentality that has industrialized Hafoos farming.

By setting up the e-commerce portal, we aim to help farmers reach end-users as directly as possible. By improving their margins through the highly competitive supply chain, we aim to make hafoos farming (and farming in general) more attractive to the regions youth who are continually choosing low-end no-to-low skilled jobs.

Like any other industry, the customer is king in Hafoos trading as well. With the setting up of we also aim to give customers a portal that they can trust and approach for genuine, organically grown Ratnagiri Hafoos (Alphonso) mangoes.

The best part, we believe in walking the talk. You are more than welcome to visit our farms and dispatch hubs to see how we are following CSR and Enviornmental regultions to the best of our humble abilities.