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Period Tree Type 1 10 doz Tree Type 2 15 doz
1 full calendar year (365 days) 12345

Mango Trees for Sale in India Only

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A 'kalam' is what a mango tree is called as across the Kokan region. A driving force for the hafoos industry used to be the mothers and sons of the land who used to shower love and care on their family owned kalams. Starting its life as a sapling only a few inches tall, a typical kalam takes years of nurturing and attention to blossom into a young fruit-bearing tree. In a period of 8-10 years it grows into a mature tree that can organically yield hundreds of hafoos mangoes per season.

Over the years, the trading monopolies at play have forced many of these organically nurtured trees to be too expensive to maintain, making its fruit too unattractive to invest time in. Other than taking care of a small number of trees in and around their homes, most villagers choose to lease their kalams to traders because they cannot afford organic farming. To reverse the negative effect this has caused, we are asking you to help make it attractive for these farmers to take responsibility of their kalams.

Simply adopt-a-tree and join our growing community of urban micro-farmers by pledging an amount of INR 12,345/- for one year towards the maintenance of one tree. In return, we will be happy to honor your support to the farmer by sharing with you 120 mangoes (60 mangoes each of ‘Saras’ and ‘Sona’ sizes) borne by that tree next season during the month of May. A larger contribution would be INR 18,888/- yielding 180 mangoes (90 mangoes each of ‘Saras’ and ‘Sona’ sizes).


As a symbol of our appreciation, we will also plant a placard (Sign) with your name on the kalam you have adopted.

You will be provided with a 1-year guardianship kit and will keep you updated about the health of the tree during the entire year. We will post 3 pictures in your account at regular intervals once it starts fruiting the next season.

More than just a way to fulfill your corporate social responsibility (CSR) by or a way for you to give back to the community, it is also a handsomely rewarding business deal. A fruit bearing kalam requires nearly 150 days of care and annual maintenance and with your support, local farmers and kalam owning villagers will be incentivized to return to organically farming the golden fruit of Hafoos from their farms and lands.

To sweeten the deal even further, you can also earn all full carbon-credits for the trees you have adopted. All the CO2 sequestering rendered possible by your tree over the period of your adoption, will be pledged by the farmer to you for no additional cost. Simply arrange for independent third-party carbon offset verification or apply your carbon capture formulae from your unique carbon-offset program to make the most of your carbon-credits.

Go organic, go green and make climate change a thing for history books.