If the first thing you imagined when you thought of mangoes, was the name hafoos (also known as the alphonso), you will know that the mesmerizing golden breed of mangoes hails from the fertile basins and hillsides of Ratnagiri’s rich countryside.

Nestled into the warmer pre-monsoon seasons, the hafoos mango used to enjoy the loving care of farmers along the coastal Konkan region. Naturally and organically grown, the hafoos used to mature from a green crop atop lush kalams (fully bloomed mango trees) before being hand picked to ripen at room temperature into mature reddish-golden delicacies.

The unforgettable flavor of the hafoos made it a legend of a mango,however its legacy is at risk due to the commercializing of its cultivation. Farmers have been stripped-off the decent earnings and margins they deserve, due to the monopolies at play in the distribution network. Leading to more farmers opting to abandon their farms for traders to take charge of the crops.


This has resulted in a continued deterioration in the taste and size of hafoos mangoes. Through the treatment of trees and mangoes with chemical agents as well as experimental grafting, these traders are managing a longer shelf-life for these mangoes however at the risk of customer’s health and the continued depletion of life and vigor from the trees and the land they are planted in. In addition, farmers have constantly found themselves at the short end of the deal, having to give up their family farms for next-to-nothing returns.

To eradicate this problem, a group of 5th and 6th generation farmers from across the district of Ratnagiri have come together in the form of www.hafoos.com. In the course of building a site that represents the interests of customers and farmers alike, we are attempting to bring back organic farming practices to the region to restore the true taste, color and indeed legacy of the hafoos mango.

So when anyone asks “why us?”, our simple answer is because we are the true custodians of hafoos mangoes. If Mango is the king of fruits, then Hafoos is the king of mangoes and we intend to preserve its throne and keep its legacy alive.