our farmers

Spread across the district of Ratnagiri, Hafoos sources its products from farms that are owned and managed by farmers themselves. With the view of empowering farmers to deal with end-users directly, we are giving power back into their hands so that they are rewarded for organic farming practices and not penalized for them. Be it Siraj Khatib from Chiplun or Santosh Surve from Dapoli, be it Naiks from Pawas or Jasnaik’s from Khed, all our farmers are beacons of hope and an inspiration for generations to come.

With crops as varied as Rice, Cashews, Jackfruits and Mangoes across 9 months of a year, these farmers are making a difference in the socio-cultural fabric of Ratnagiri. They are not only creating employment for the youth but are also returning the environment to its natural balance by sticking to organic and completely natural farming practices.


If you are wondering why all this matters, we would like you to ask you when was the last time you tasted a alfhonso/hafoos mango and were disappointed with its taste and overall appeal. What was probably an in-organically grown product or a plain simple look-a-like (yes there are look-a-likes of hafoos), it was certainly not worth your money or your appreciation. However you chose to indulge in it nonetheless.

To ensure that customer’s get the real deal the first time and every time they choose Hafoos, we are paying attention and choosing the right farmers, so that you receive the marvel that is Hafoos. Made available only during the natural crop cycle of this breed (between February and June every year), we promise to source produce grown from the soils of Ratnagiri and brought to you directly from the farm and not from a laboratory.