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Ratnagiri Hapoos mangoes (i.e Alphonso mangoes) are known as the king of mangoes. This golden delicacy has a smooth and shiny yet thin skin that is easy to cut into, revealing a refreshing yellowing-orange wealth of non-fibrous and juicy flesh on the inside.

Arguably, it is the unforgettable flavour of a Hapoos mango that brings its fans back towards it year after year, season after season. With its fresh tropical sweet taste, a fully ripened Hafoos has a texture that is tender evenly throughout the fruit. Saffron like shades both on the outside and in, the typical mango varies in sizes that have their each unique use and fan-following.

Even before you indulge in an alphonso mango, its mere presence in any room will fill it up with a unique aroma that is second to none. With notes of zesty freshness, the intense flavours of the Hapoos emanates a rich fruity fragrance that promises a ripened fruit that is ready to be relished.

We are devgad hapoos mangoes & ratnagiri alphonso mangoes sellers from Mumbai, Maharashtra. The alphonso mangoes supplied by us our directly from our farms & they have extraordinary flavor due to the excellent picking and packaging techniques employed by our farmers. Contact us to buy alphonso mangoes online in Mumbai, Maharashtra, or any where in India at cheap & affordable rates.

Physio-chemical wonders of the Hafoos

Ratnagiri Hafoos (Alphonso) is naturally oblong with a distinct shoulder-line that drops slowly into a long never-ending beak like curve, that is one of its distinctive features. Though it is available in various weight categories, the Hafoos has one distinct feature compared to other leading varieties; its specific gravity. In simple terms, it has more flavour and aroma (in the form of its natural chemical composition of terpenoids etc.) than most mango varieties the world over.

The true secret of the Hafoos and its flavour is the soft red soils of the Kokan coast of Ratnagiri. To add to it, the land is rich in minerals due to the naturally occurring mineralization of rain water thanks to the Deccan mount range. Combined together, these unique geographical conditions are what give the Hafoos its unique acidity and sugar/acid ratios. Thus making it impossible for the fruit to grow as sweet and as succulent anywhere else in the world.

Unlike some varieties of mangoes, a Hafoos will have flesh adhering to the skin if it were peeled off. While this is a form of enjoying your Hafoos mangoes, you will be amazed to find out this is a part of its morphological defence mechanisms that make it a naturally stronger type of mango.